What is Veg Tan??

I’ve been using veg tan leather for my smaller goods for a while now but many of you have asked, what exactly is it? Vegetable tanned leather is dyed with organic matter- such as tree bark and other natural elements, and is treated without the use of any chemicals. The tanning process (the process of getting the hides to useable form) can take upwards of 6 weeks. Because there’s no chemical process involved in the tanning process, veg tan leather is more susceptible to picking up marks and scratches and it will actually change color over time by picking up a beautiful, worn-in patina (not as noticeable on black veg tan). Veg tan will also soften over time by picking up our skins natural oils and develop a very smooth texture. I’ve been carrying our Maxi Wallet for the past 6 months and I LOVE the smoothness of it and the way the color has become more rich.

You may be wondering, if veg tan is so amazing, why not use it in all of your bag styles? Because of the somewhat arduous tanning process, veg tan leather is much more costly. It will drive up the cost of our bags substantially if we used it for our larger styles of bags. For now, we love it and use it for our small goods collection and you can see it in British Tan and Black this season. Veg tan is available on all of our Wallets and Dopp Kits and leather coasters for our new candle.

Let me know if you have any questions at all and happy holidays!

Dopp kit Gift Set by Shana LutherWallet Gift Set by Shana Luther

Leather Veg Tan large wallet by Shana Luther