WWD Magic

As you may know from previous posts, I was chosen to take part in the American Express Rising Stars of Fashion this past August. It took place in Las Vegas, at one of the largest trade shows of the country, WWD Magic. I had to design, draft and construct a handbag within 2.5 days based on the theme “everyday couture”. All of this right in the middle of the trade show floor. I thought about what a women needs everyday and quickly began to design a basic leather tote- a bag that she can carry everyday with her laptop and all other necessities tucked neatly inside. The fun came in designing for the couture part of the theme. When I hear the word couture, I think of Paris. When I think of Paris, I think of black and gold and the city of lights. I wanted something bold, bright and something that she can take out of her leather tote for after work meetings and cocktails. Therefore, I designed a little clutch made in killer snakeskin printed leather with gold accents that clips inside the bag into an interior pocket.

I had such a great experience there and made fast friends with the other talented designers, Victoria Khoss and Kelsey Slade. I’m so proud of what I accomplished and perhaps one day, both of these bags will debut in my collection.

Event photos courtesy of Dave Smith.

Shana Luther Amex Rising Stars


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