We’ve been using the hashtag #knowyourbag for a little while now and we want to talk more about that. Here at Shana Luther Handbags, we’re super duper proud to be made in America and hopefully, you like that about us too! We want you to know what goes into the making of our goods and where our materials come from- if you’re a past customer of ours you’re familiar with our behind the scenes shots at our local manufacturer. Clearly, transparency is important to us. Our leather is sourced from a tannery in Napa, California (if not here in NYC) and our signature cotton lining is also an import from California. Our hardware is shipped from a company we’ve been using with for years and they’re based in Ohio (we always get a friendly person on the line when we call, thanks guys). Last but certainly not least, our bags are small-batch manufactured right here in Brooklyn, NYC’s garment district, or handmade in the Shana Luther studio.

We want you to KNOW YOUR BAG and feel good about your purchase so if you ever have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

#knowyourbag by Shana Luther

Her New Tribe

We love working with fashion bloggers, especially bloggers who are the epitome of the Shana Luther girl.  Stephanie Duncan at Her New Tribe is just that. Totally modern, independent and fresh with her approach to fashion, Stephanie styled her new Charlie Tote in bone with full on denim- a look that many of us shy away from! She nailed it and we can’t wait to see what else she has up her sleeve for the Charlie. Thanks Stephanie!

Click here to read the entire post by Stephanie. Photography by Claudia Bost.

Her New Tribe and Shana Luther HandbagsHer New Tribe and Shana Luther HandbagsHer New Tribe and Shana Luther Handbags

WWD Magic

As you may know from previous posts, I was chosen to take part in the American Express Rising Stars of Fashion this past August. It took place in Las Vegas, at one of the largest trade shows of the country, WWD Magic. I had to design, draft and construct a handbag within 2.5 days based on the theme “everyday couture”. All of this right in the middle of the trade show floor. I thought about what a women needs everyday and quickly began to design a basic leather tote- a bag that she can carry everyday with her laptop and all other necessities tucked neatly inside. The fun came in designing for the couture part of the theme. When I hear the word couture, I think of Paris. When I think of Paris, I think of black and gold and the city of lights. I wanted something bold, bright and something that she can take out of her leather tote for after work meetings and cocktails. Therefore, I designed a little clutch made in killer snakeskin printed leather with gold accents that clips inside the bag into an interior pocket.

I had such a great experience there and made fast friends with the other talented designers, Victoria Khoss and Kelsey Slade. I’m so proud of what I accomplished and perhaps one day, both of these bags will debut in my collection.

Event photos courtesy of Dave Smith.

Shana Luther Amex Rising Stars


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