Leather Care

Pebble Grain Leathers-

Most of our collection is made from 3-4 oz pebble grain leather, our personal favorite. There's a reason we've been using it for years. It's thick yet soft and malleable, and holds it's shape very well. It also has a protected top grain which will prevent major scratches, marks and stains from forming. Our leathers are extremely durable and are made into bags that will last a lifetime. Your bag will get softer as you wear it and break in beautifully over time.

It goes without saying that leather is a natural material. Because of this, very minor marks and blemishes may be seen on the surface. For the most part, we work with these small blemishes, most of them being unnoticeable, as a way of respecting where the leather came from. We believe this will not take away from your bag and rest assured, every bag that leaves our studio undergoes our strict quality check.  

Vegetable Tanned Leathers-

We use veg tan for our Dopp kits, Wallets and some other small leather goods. Veg tan is tanned without the use of any chemicals. Because of this, there's no real protectant on the surface of the leather. Your veg tan item will pick up marks, scratches and develop a wonderful, rich patina over time. This only adds character and makes it uniquely yours.

Treating Stains-

Lightly rub the stain in a circular motion with a damp cloth and allow to air dry. Repeat as necessary. For pesky stains, feel free to use a natural leather cleaner, such as Chamberlain's Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. When in doubt, your local shoe repair shop knows the ins and outs of leather and can do the job for you.

Leather Conditioning-

We recommend conditioning your leather bag with an all natural leather product every 6 months or so. We've been using Chamberlain's Leather Milk and highly recommend it. Simply apply in a circular motion with a dry cloth, buff off excess, and allow to air dry for a few hours to prevent any leather cream transfer to clothing.

Storing your Bag-

Place any straps inside of the bag making sure they're not creased or folded in an odd manner. Stuff the bag with tissue paper to help retain shape and store in the duster bag, if provided. We like to take care of our bags the way one does with fine garments, with care. ☺

Color Transfer-

Although unlikely, dark color leather may color transfer onto light colored clothing during humid conditions such as rain or being exposed to excess body heat. This should dissipate as the bag gets broken in but we recommend avoiding the above conditions while wearing light colored clothing for the first few weeks of carry.

Treating a Wet Bag-

It's happened to us many times.. there's no rain in the forecast but somehow you get caught in a downpour. Not to worry! Most of our leathers can handle this. Allow to air dry while hanging and water marks will disappear during the drying process. Please, do not use hair dryers on your leather items.

Bag Repair-

We maintain strict quality standards and believe your bag is going to last a lifetime. But we also realize life happens. We are more than happy to repair minor issues on your bag, free of charge for up to a year after the date of purchase. Please note we are not responsible for shipping charges on repair or return items and we cannot offer repairs on bags with significant damage outside of normal wear and tear. Please contact us to get the conversation going and please include an image.

General Bag Care-

As mentioned above, we like to take care of our leather goods like we do fine garments- with love and care. Avoid placing your bag on floors, hang when not in use and avoid major stains by not carrying food or drink in your bag. With ♥, your Shana Luther bag will last a lifetime.