Shana Luther is a collection of modern leather bags created for people who appreciate beautifully textured, effortlessly cool, uncomplicated goods. Our brand’s ethos is rooted in minimal and original design made with thoughtfully sourced materials and impeccable craftsmanship. As a result, our bags don’t look like traditional handcrafted leather bags on the market today. Using leathers that are pebbled and soft, hardware that’s sleek and polished, and a style that’s modern and unfettered is what sets our brand apart. We're proud to be a certified Made in Brooklyn brand.


We only use U.S.-based vendors when sourcing materials for our products. We like to form lasting relationships with them, and because of that, we’re able to maintain quality control of the materials that arrive at our studio.

The 100% cotton lining of each bag is also sourced in the U.S. It’s a modern crosshatch print, and we use it in three neutral color variations because we don’t like searching for items in a dark, bottomless bag. We love the crosshatch print and have been using it for years.


Leather is a natural material, and it’s unforgiving when made into bags. It originates from an animal, and we wholeheartedly respect those origins and keep it in mind while working. If we mess up a stitch, there’s no coming back. It’s tough and just gets better with age. It’s badass. This is why we love leather. We source our leathers from U.S. tanneries and take great care ensuring every hide meets our expectations. We use our signature leather for most of our collection, which has a subtle pebble effect and a soft, yet very strong hand. Our leathers are extremely durable and are made into bags that will last a lifetime. Your bag will get softer as you wear it and break in beautifully over time. We’re little leather snobs over here . . .


Almost our entire collection is produced in-house, but some aspects of our bags are outsourced to local handbag manufacturers. Most of the straps, for example, are produced by a family-run company in New York City’s Garment District.

We’re huge sticklers for quality craftsmanship, and we won’t sell a bag that we don’t 100% stand behind. You won’t see uneven stitching on our bags. We believe in buying quality goods over fast fashion and supporting small businesses across the globe. We love what we do and hope you do too!