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Last week a customer reached out to me regarding proper leather care for her new Louie Satchel. Although there is information on my FAQ, I thought it would be important to do a more extensive blog post on proper leather maintenance. I recently started carrying the William Tote in Pine and I’m seriously loving the pop of color for Fall! I wanted to start off on the right foot so I purchased a leather protectant (link here) to keep potential rain drops, etc from making stains. I took my William Tote, put it on a hanger, went outside on our fire escape and sprayed my bag down (please be sure to use proper ventilation or spray outside). The spray will temporarily darken the leather, but not to worry, it will dry and return to normal. Make sure to get the whole bag and feel free to spray two coats, allowing the first coat to dry in between.

After several months of carry, it may be nesessary to “clean” the bag. Obvisouly, you don’t want to use anything other than a proper leather cleaner/conditioner. I’ve had lots of luck with Lexol Leather Cleaner (link here). With a damp, clean cloth slowly rub the stain in a circular motion several times. Again, don’t be terrified of the leather darkening- it will go back to normal once it dries. You may need to repeat this step if some of the stain is still visible after the first application. As always, please be sure to test any product on an inconspicuous area first and allow to dry. If nothing remains, you’re good to go.

Scratches- yes unavoidable! They will happen whether it’s from your own finger nails or your kitten suddenly found something new to play with (I hope this doesn’t happen!). For minor scratches, I use a very simple technique- rubbing it with my finger tips. The natural oil in our fingers help make the scratch less visible and believe me, it works! For deeper scratch marks, a leather conditioner may help make the scratch less visible.

If you’re not up to the task of treating or taking care of your leather bag, not to worry! Many shoe repair shops also specialize in handbag leather care. Just do a search in your area for one close by that gets good reviews.

Keep in mind that leather is a natural material and it will change over time but that’s the beauty in it! 

Other things to keep in mind when caring for your leather bag:

•When storing, place chain straps inside bag and use the dust bag provided to you

•I like to stuff my bags with acid free tissue paper (any tissue paper will do) to help maintain the bags shape when storing

•Take off any clip on straps, roll up and store inside the bag

•Keep away from sunlight

•Rain drops will be unavoidable at times so the best way to dry them is naturally! Do not attempt to dry with a hair dryer, it will only deplete the natural oils in the leather.









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