Warm Woods & Leather Scented candle by Shana Luther

Our First Ever Scent- In a Candle

I’m really excited about this one. Over the years I’ve burned my fair share of candles in our home, especially during the colder months. I’ve learned what I like and what I don’t and all the while I was brainstorming what kind of candle I would want as part of my brand- if I were to do that. 

Over the summer I discovered a candle company not far from me and I worked with them to develop a scent to call my own. I went through A LOT of samples but in the end it was worth it because I found a scent that I love and, I think, perfectly blends into my collection. So I’m pleased to debut our first ever scented candle! 

It’s a blend of soy & coconut wax which gives a very clean, eco-friendly burn and it’s hand poured in here in the US. The wicks are 100% cotton and it comes with an embossed leather coaster of your choice- Veg Tan Black, Veg Tan British Tan, OAK, and Oxblood. 

Warm woods & leather has notes of leather & suede, amber, and woods. It’s beautifully soft and warms up any home with a cozy, wrap yourself in blanket feeling. 

Just because it’s a candle and will have a live flame, I’d like to include some important tips while burning-

•Always trim wick to 1/4” before lighting 

•Allow wax pool to reach the sides of the tumbler for first burn (this ensures an even burn with no tunneling)

•Always keep away from children 

•Avoid drafty areas and keep away from curtains or other fabrics 

I hope you love it as much as we do! As always, contact us with any questions. 

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Warm Woods & Leather Scented candle by Shana Luther


We had an amazing shoot this past weekend! Until I get the actual shots from our photographer, Carey Kirkella, I couldn’t help but share some behind the scenes. Our baby Portia made an appearance (free baby model!) to show off our new a/w collection of BKBean baby shoes and her smiles and giggles had everyone swooning! I stuck with my amazing team of Carey Kirkella (photography) and Kari Hansbarger (stylist). Our beautiful model this time around was Jieun Lee with photography assistance from Pete Reisett. 

Beautiful Saturday+talented team= one happy designer! 


New Production

Since the last post, I had our baby! My husband & I welcomed a baby girl into our family and we couldn’t be happier (photo below taken by good friend and our photographer, Carey Kirkella). While I’m still working, I’m having to adjust to the new, sometimes random schedule. But rest assured, our online shop is still open and all orders are going out on time.

In addition to that, our Annie Duffle is currently in production at our NYC manufacturer. We’re restocking classic black and introducing a new color we have yet to name- it’s a perfect grey/taupe that we fell in love with! Everything should be in stock within the next two weeks so stay tuned. Or better yet, sign up for our newsletter and be the first to know when we drop new styles/colors- plus, you’ll receive 10% off your order for signing up!

Behind the Scenes

We had so much fun this past Sunday shooting our look book for S/S ’15! We worked with photographer Carey Kirkella, long time friend and wonderful photographer, and creative and branding mastermind, Kari Hansbarger. Our models were Lynn Do from NeckBreakinStyle and Aileen Olmedo from TheStyleBoro, two fashion bloggers who always inspire us are were so fun to work with. Stay tuned for official shots but for now, here’s some behind the scenes.

Shana Luther Shoot S/S '15 Behind the Scenes Shana Luther Shoot S/S '15 Behind the Scenes Shana Luther Shoot S/S '15 Behind the Scenes Shana Luther Shoot S/S '15 Behind the Scenes Shana Luther Shoot S/S '15 Behind the Scenes

WWD Magic

As you may know from previous posts, I was chosen to take part in the American Express Rising Stars of Fashion this past August. It took place in Las Vegas, at one of the largest trade shows of the country, WWD Magic. I had to design, draft and construct a handbag within 2.5 days based on the theme “everyday couture”. All of this right in the middle of the trade show floor. I thought about what a women needs everyday and quickly began to design a basic leather tote- a bag that she can carry everyday with her laptop and all other necessities tucked neatly inside. The fun came in designing for the couture part of the theme. When I hear the word couture, I think of Paris. When I think of Paris, I think of black and gold and the city of lights. I wanted something bold, bright and something that she can take out of her leather tote for after work meetings and cocktails. Therefore, I designed a little clutch made in killer snakeskin printed leather with gold accents that clips inside the bag into an interior pocket.

I had such a great experience there and made fast friends with the other talented designers, Victoria Khoss and Kelsey Slade. I’m so proud of what I accomplished and perhaps one day, both of these bags will debut in my collection.

Event photos courtesy of Dave Smith.

Shana Luther Amex Rising Stars


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