PL Pouch Combo

It's been a trying year and I'm sure everyone can attest to that. This holiday season I wanted to focus on gifts for ourselves & for others that will bring us joy, make us smile or just make us feel comfort. I know not everyone is as obsessed as I am about leather accessories, but our new PL Pouch Combo makes me feel all the feels. It's cute, it's functional, it's easy to grab, it's cheeky and quirky and just makes me smile. And hopefully it brings a smile to your face as well. 

Everyone needs a top zip pouch and now with a coin fob attached to it? Even better. Step up your work-at-home game while using the PL Pouch Combo to house notebooks, pens, chargers or keep it by the door for that quick trip to grocery. Wallet, phone, keys can be securely stowed away in the tip zip while pesky change can be zipped away in the coin fob. 

Available now in our black croc, oak croc or popular oxblood, the PL Pouch is gonna be a hit this season. :-)

Top zip leather pouch by Shana Luther

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