We packed up a bunch of bags, grabbed my camera and headed out into the beautiful, albeit cold, fall weather in my beloved Brooklyn. Tatum has been working with me for over 2 years but for the last 8 months has not come in to work due to Covid. Many of you know I work from my home studio which is great for me with my two young girls. And with Covid swirling all around us, especially last spring, the risk was just too high. 

I reunited with Tatum this week to get some new shots, catch up, laugh and have fun. We had a cold filled, socially distanced photo shoot and I could not have asked for better shots. I miss her, my kids miss her and I cannot wait until she can come back in on a weekly basis to help with my production. 

Brooklyn, I ♥ you too! 

June Tote by Shana Luther
Small Leather goods by Shana Luther
Mini Charlie Bucket by Shana Luther

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