A Note on Veg Tan Leather

We’ve used some in past collections but this season we’re really getting on the vegetable tan leather bandwagon. So, what is veg tan leather? Vegetable tan leather is tanned (processed) using natural ingredients such as tree bark, leaves, fruit and of course veggies. The tanning process can take several months and the result is natural skin tone shades that vary from very light to medium brown. We love veg tan leather for many reasons but mainly because it’s natural and slowly changes over time. It develops a patina and darkens with exposure to sun, natural skin oils and even air. With this natural, almost delicate leather, we thought it would look great contrasted with gold paint. So we did just that. Check out our latest veg tan designs below and stay tunes for more to come!


PL Pouch

Pinecone Keychain Tassel

SL Pouch



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