Tre Clutch

We’re big fans of clutches around here but most of the time they’re just too small to really fit anything in there. We solved that little issue with our latest style, the Tre Clutch. The Tre is made from the same super soft, drapey leather that we always use and has a bottom base of about 3″ to accommodate more necessities. Modern, simple and more versatile that your average clutch! Click on over here to get more details on the Tre.

Charlie Tote Giveaway

The Not Found is a great site dedicated to featuring the works of emerging designers and last year they interviewed us for an article, which you can read here. This time around they’re hosting a give away with our Charlie Tote in sage/black- oh, and by the way, this color option is now sold out on our online store. Click on over to The Not Found to find out how to enter and good luck!


Summer ’15

Officially, summer is over so I thought I’d share some of my travels from the season. From the Catskills to Nashville, to Nola, the hubs and I always manage to have a good time. Below are some of the highlights…

IMG_8798We have a great group of friends and a couple of times a year we all get together and rent a house somewhere in upstate NY. More often than not, it ends up being somewhere in the Catskills. Our must haves in a house rental- outdoor fire pit, indoor fireplace, good cooking kitchen, ample yard space for our pups, and generous size living room and decent TV for late night movie viewing. Mind you, none of these are deal breakers. The whole point of these weekends is to be with one another and that’s all that really matters to us.

I’ve always wanted to road- trip down south and for my birthday, we did just that. We planned on hitting a few cities and Nashville, TN was our first stop. If someone told me I had to pick up and move my life, I may just make a home here in this charming city. The people are inviting, the food warms your soul and hearing live music everyone you go, well, is just down right rad. One stop that was a must see for me was Third Man Records. I’m a long time Jack White fan so spending some hard earned money in here was a breeze. If your a blues fan or just a fan of music in general, make a stop here when you’re in Nashville. I will not the divulge the amount of money we spent on records but let’s just say the hubs and I had to send home our vinyl purchases via a giant FedEx box.


From Nashville we picked up a car and started driving. Being a blues fan, we wanted to drive through the Mississippi Delta and along the way we stayed overnight in Clarksdale, MS at The Shak Up Inn. If you ever find yourself in Clarkdale, MS, stay here. It’s genuine, it’s rough around the edges and just flat out neat and adorable.  Before continuing on our way, we stopped in a local record store to stock up on more goodies. The owner proceeded to tell us about where he believes the real crossroads are, which was along the route we were intending to go anyway. We drove down an old dirt road after checking out the old Dockery Plantation, which was where many of the first blues musicians were said to have been employed. Standing on the real crossroads, was eerie to say the least. The history of the south is something that has always and will always totally intrigue me.

Next up was New Orleans. We stayed in a perfect Air B&B in the neighborhood of Marigny . We ate, we drank, and sweat our way through the colorful city and had a wonderful time doing it. The history is everywhere you look throughout NOLA and talking to the locals was always entertaining. You’re a special city New Orleans!

There really is nothing like traveling but we still know how to live it up within our own city. From BK Cyclones games to hiking in Hariman St Park to our annual trip to the US Open, we always have good summers here in NYC.

Oh, AND we found out this summer that we made a baby! BK will be getting another amazing girl in early ’16! This is the most exciting thing to happen this year and we can’t wait to welcome a new little one into our family.




Instagram Sale

We’re grateful to our all of our fans, including our trusty Instagram peeps! This weekend only, we’re offering 20% off all regular priced styles to our IG fans. So get on over to our Instagram feed, follow us, and find the post from today (8/29) to get the coupon code.

We wish everyone a great weekend! xo


In the Studio

Busy, busy, busy. Words we have been living by over here. We’re working on a new style, prepping and sending orders out to our accounts (some new, some old), prepping for a holiday limited edition collection, and tending to our online shop. Sometimes we forget the big news that was recently announced!

We wanted to share some #bts at our studio recently- the Maxi Wallet dies and our actual wallet (seriously, just gets better with age) and the making of our June Tote. Be sure to stay tuned for that new style coming your way soon…

Q&A with Lynn from Neckbreakin’ Style

We first met Lynn Do last year, when she did a few blog posts for a holiday pop-up shop we were part of. After keeping in touch via social media (and stalking her blog weekly), we thought she would be such a great addition to our photo shoot. We were right. Lynn was such a natural on set and even beefed up our shoot with her amazing hip hop playlist. Lynn, self proclaimed NYC fashionista, took the time to answer some questions we had. See below for her take on fast fashion, what she does outside of the blogging world, and the one trend she thinks should just die already!

SL-Introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about your background- where are you originally from? Do you have a day job outside of blogging?

LD-My government name is Lynn Kim Do and that is also my stage name. Ha, bad joke. I was born in California and can barely call that a home since I left when I was one. I was raised up and down the east coast and have made a lovely home in Harlem. If this isn’t confusing enough, I am mainly Vietnamese with some Cherokee and European blood from my grandfather. During the day, I am producing content and projects at a creative agency. At night, I save lives. Also a joke. Pretty much at every other hour of my days and weekends, I blog for Neckbreakin’ Style, which does save my life but more so my sanity.

SL-What prompted you to begin your blog and how long have you been doing it?

LD-I did it because I was working at a PR firm at the time as was very intrigued by it. Some fail attempts to start a duo blog really disheartened me. But, it was a great book called – Whatever You Think, Think the Opposite that changed my mind. It’s been about two years and I am pretty blessed with the accomplishments that I have and the milestones we’ve achieved.

SL-It’s no surprise that there are a plethora of fashion blogs out there. How do you stand out and what drives you to be a blogger? How do you stay innovative?

LD-I am not one of those bloggers that try to come off as an expert of fashion. I am an expert of personal style and style in general, carried by passion. My website is easily relatable in the sense that it is a journey itself. I am writing my thoughts and it is not necessarily driven by what I’m wearing but what’s happening in my life. I always say – “Style is an excuse for a bigger connection.”

SL-What’s your favorite thing about being a blogger? Most challenging thing?

LD-My favorite thing about blogging is that I get to create and execute an idea that I conjure up. I see the entire process from it’s birth to it’s fruitation. I get to put all the pieces together. I also enjoy meeting other creatives. The most challenging this must be the time management. Blogging, taken seriously, is a full-time job itself which can be difficult when you do have a full-time job. And then there’s always those people who never want to see you succeed as they smile through their teeth. But there will always be those type of people.

SL-You’re located in NYC, fashion capital of the world. Do you think your blog would be different if you weren’t located in NYC? If so, explain as to why.

LD-Oh, yeah. My style would definitely be different. I mean, wherever I go and whatever style I develop I would love and call it “me” but because I am in this great city, I am constantly inspired by the streets. I just made the full move here in January so I can’t say that I am a “New Yorker” but I do feel that I belong here. And that’s good enough for me.

SL-Do you have a fashion muse?

LD-Hmm, I actually don’t have one particular muse. I am a product of my environment so many things inspire me. My spirit animal would be a fusion of Lana and Nicole Richie though.

SL-How would you describe your overall esthetic?

LD-My style has an overall streetwear theme. I definitely put my own twist to it because let’s be honest…I am by no means a sneakerhead. Heels it is!

SL-What is one fashion trend you wish would just die already? One trend you want to bring back?

LD-Leggings can die. All my favorite trends are actually coming back – chokers and bell bottoms!

SL-What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

LD-How do you want to change the world?

SL-Most creative people find inspiration in many forms. What is the one thing that’s a constant inspiration to you? And how do you implement that into your brand?

LD-The mundane inspires me. The street and people. Hopefully, I’ve made that clear in my website.

SL-Do you have a favorite quote or little saying that inspires you?

LD-“Style is an excuse for a bigger connection.”

SL-There’s been a lot of talk regarding “fast fashion” and the ethical circumstances regarding it. What’s your take on this?

LD-I think there’s a space for fast fashion because you know what, not everyone can afford the pieces they want. You pay for the quality. That should be understood. But there should be enough playing space for all types of people. People should be able to express themselves. With little to no price to pay in consequence. I definitely make conscious efforts not to shop “fast fashion” pieces or use their brands because I do care about the quality of the clothes I put on my body. But I won’t judge someone who does shop at Forever 21.

SL-What is your favorite design from our collection? And how would you style it?

LD-I definitely enjoyed the new structured bag that’s coming out soon (note, the Annie Duffle). I look forward to seeing more colors – red maybe?

Lighting Round:

SL-Favorite NYC neighborhood? LDWest Village

SL-Favorite hang out in NYC? LDTen Degrees for Happy Hour in East Village

SL-Favorite store/boutique? LDNet-a-porter, does that count? I only online shop.

SL-Favorite article of clothing (you know, the one thing you always reach for in your closet)? LDMy threadworkshop long shirt

SL-Favorite artist? Favorite music? LDRight now, I’m obsessed with CHa Cha by DRAM. Summer anthem!


See more of Lynn on Instagram and Facebook.