American Made

We recently teamed up with a another manufacturer located in NYC’s Garment District to produce one of our latest styles, the Annie Duffle . We’ll always use our Brooklyn manufacturer for certain styles such as the Charlie, William and Louie (they’re working on a smaller version of the William Tote coming your way soon).  We wanted to broaden our manufacturing database and see how other US manufacturers work so we did just that when we were ready to take the Annie into the sampling process. They recently did a little blog post on us where we talk about the advantages of US manufacturing, our ideal client and the recent resurgence of American Made. Click here to read the post in it’s entirety. #knowyourbag

Talking Brooklanta

Our recent collaboration with Megan Huntz got a lot of people talking! Our pieces were quite the hit at Megan’s curated show, SLOWMODE and as a result, Start-Up Fashion reached out to us to find out more about Brooklanta. Click on over to see what Megan and I have to say about working together and what’s in store for future collaborations (Brooklanta #2 may soon be in the works..).

We’ve sold out of the red but we still have Brooklanta #1 royal and black Lynn clutches available, but just 2 of each. Don’t forget, each of these beauties is one-of-a-kind!



Q&A with Aileen from TheStyleBoro

For our most recent photo shoot we decided to shake things up and bit and work with two of our favorite local fashion bloggers. One of them is Aileen Olmedo from the blog, The Style Boro. We met Aileen last year at an event during NYFW and quickly hit it off after working on our first collaboration together. Since then Aileen has been contributing blogger at BK Styled (one of the features was on us!), working on her blog and keeping a 9-5 at a social media firm in NYC. Luckily, she not only found the time to participate in our shoot, but also answer some questions we had for her. See below for our fun Q&A with Aileen.

Want to see more of Aileen’s work? Be sure to follow her- Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

SL– Introduce yourself! Tell us a little bit about your background- where are you originally from? Do you have a day job outside of blogging?

AO– Hi, I’m Aileen and I’m from Queens but currently reside in Brooklyn, NY. By day I work in social media advertising, advising clients on what’s what in social media and running their digital campaigns. By night (and the wee early hours of morning) you can find me in front of a computer blogging or at an event networking with my blogger peers.

SL– What prompted you to begin your blog and how long have you been doing it?

AO– I was a contributor for and was given the advice to start a blog. This was back in 2008 – blogging wasn’t as popular as it was now, but it gave me a place to store my rejected pieces and document my point of view on a multitude of things. Even now it’s pretty neat to look back at three-year-old posts and get that moment of nostalgia.

SL– It’s no surprise that there are a plethora of fashion blogs out there. How do you stand out and what drives you to be a blogger? How do you stay innovative?

AO– I am without a doubt driven by my passion for writing and a need to stay creative. Without that passion and thirst my early mornings and late nights would not exist. As far as standing out from the masses I like to think that my voice as a writer (hopefully) helps define my point of view as does partnering with great photographers/videgraphers/art directors in the area.

SL– What’s your favorite thing about being a blogger? Most challenging thing?

AO– My favorite thing most definitely has to be meeting new people (and hopefully making them laugh). The most challenging thing has to be balancing blog life with work, home, social (the going out kind), and sleep.

SL– You’re located in NYC, fashion capital of the world. Do you think your blog would be different if you weren’t located in NYC? If so, explain as to why.

AO– It would most certainly be different but not in a bad way. New York is a world of its own in a way; it also serves as the backdrop of my blog and is referenced in the title. Lets say if I were to move away – social media works at the speed of light. If there was a major fashion moment I’m sure there will be at least one person instagramming it. Ah, you gotta love Instagram.

SL– Do you have a fashion muse?

AO– I have many, but a few that I keep coming back to are Debbie Harry, Kate Moss, Beyoncé and Anna Karina.

SL– How would you describe your overall esthetic?

AO– I could never answer this question since I feel like my closet is always evolving and I’m always willing to try something new – but let’s just say I love an unexpected piece.

SL– What is one question you wish people asked you more often?

AO– Would you like a million dollars?

SL– Most creative people find inspiration in many forms. What is the one thing that’s a constant inspiration to you? And how do you implement that into your brand?

AO– As cliché as it sounds, living in NYC gives me inspiration. So many talented individuals surround us that it’s hard not to get awed every once in a while. I try and implement these creative juices and inspirations by working with other creative types – whether they’re local jewelers, writers, photographers or friends. Everyone has something cool to contribute

SL– Do you have a favorite quote or little saying that inspires you?

AO– I have two (one is a phone wallpaper and acts as a great reminder) from Picasso.

“Youth has no age” and “Everything you can imagine is real.”

SL– There’s been a lot of talk regarding “fast fashion” and the ethical circumstances regarding it. What’s your take on this?

AO– I’m not the biggest fan of fast fashion because in the end you’re wearing a garment that’s poorly made, not made to withstand the test of time, adds to our waste (since donating and recycling fast fashion pieces are a whole other ball game) and probably made in some factory with poor conditions, – yet we buy it. Why waste money on that when you can save up a bit and purchase something from a place a little more transparent with its origins. At the same time I understand how the cost of living can impact someone’s decision to shop exclusively at fast fashion retailers. Heck, I’m even guilty of shopping at Zara’s. There’s lots of points to be made when it comes for and against fast fashion, but for now it’s best to be a conscious consumer when possible.

SL– What is your favorite piece from our collection? And how would you style it?

AO– Absolutely love the Annie Duffle; It’s such a great size for everyday and versatile. I’d probably style with it all white look. White denim, white tee and white birks for that minimalistic (colorblocking maybe?) look.

Lighting Round:

SL– Favorite NYC neighborhood? AO– East Village.

SL– Favorite hang out in NYC? AO– Sly Fox (East Village) and Five Burros (Forest Hills, Queens).

SL– Favorite store/boutique? AO– 260 Fifth Avenue – love a good sample sale.

SL– Favorite article of clothing (you know, the one thing you always reach for in your closet)? AO– I have these really old sweats from Nike, the fit is still amazing, and since athleisure is so huge right now they fit in perfectly.

SL– Favorite artist? Favorite music? AO– Favorite artist is Yayoi Kusama along with Claes Oldenburg (is that what you meant by artist?). Hip-hop + punk are my two favorite choices when it comes to music.




Welcome to our new site! We’re still working on a few additions to our site and online store but for the most part, this is it. Take a look around and please do let let us know what you think. We always love hearing from you guys.

June Tote

We’ve been busy bees here at Shana Luther, we apologize for the radio silence! A new website is in the works and if all goes well you should be oohing and awing at the beauty of it within the next week(!). In addition to that, we’ve been working our bums off getting some new styles out there for you. Our Annie Duffle is now in stock, direct from our NYC manufacturer and we would like to thank everyone who took advantage of the pre-order- what a great success! Today we’re thrilled to debut our latest design, the June Tote. The June is a super duper lightweight, 2-tone leather tote that is sure to turn into your everyday bag. The June is made to order here in our Brooklyn studio and available in 2 colors, Rust and Black.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us with any questions and be sure to check back soon to see our new site!

Shana Luther- June Tote RustShana Luther- June Tote Rust



Know Your Bag


We’ve been using the hashtag #knowyourbag for a little while now and we want to talk more about that. Here at Shana Luther Handbags, we’re super duper proud to be made in America and hopefully, you like that about us too! We want you to know what goes into the making of our goods and where our materials come from- if you’re a past customer of ours you’re familiar with our behind the scenes shots at our local manufacturer. Clearly, transparency is important to us. Our leather is sourced from a tannery in Napa, California (if not here in NYC) and our signature cotton lining is also an import from California. Our hardware is shipped from a company we’ve been using with for years and they’re based in Ohio (we always get a friendly person on the line when we call, thanks guys). Last but certainly not least, our bags are small-batch manufactured right here in Brooklyn, NYC’s garment district, or handmade in the Shana Luther studio.

We want you to KNOW YOUR BAG and feel good about your purchase so if you ever have any questions about our products, please don’t hesitate to drop us a line.

#knowyourbag by Shana Luther

Brooklanta Collaboration, Shana Luther

Brooklanta #1

We hinted at our collaboration with our friend, Megan Huntz, and now it’s finally come to fruition! Megan is a woman of many talents- not only is she a talented apparel designer with her own line of stunning women’s wear, but she’s also super handy with a paint brush. Several weeks ago we sent Megan a veggie tan, natural cow hide to work her magic on and the result was a beautifully painted abstract canvas that we almost just hung on our wall. We did not. Instead we cut and stitched our way to making one of a kind, leather bags. Each one is unique and might we say, a little work of art in and of itself.

These are extreme limited edition! Megan and I will do more Brooklanta collaborations in the future but none of them will be the same as this. To view these one of a kind creations, go to our online shop.

Brooklanta- Collab between Shana Luther and Megan HuntzBrooklanta- Collab between Shana Luther and Megan Huntz