[one_half first]The Shana Luther Design Philosophy: Modern, clean design made with thoughtfully sourced materials and impressive craftsmanship. Luxurious yet tough, Shana’s designs are meant to be worn.

Inspired by everything from muscle cars to shapes found in nature, Shana designs fresh shapes made with sumptuous, hardy leathers.

Shana is a firm believer in having design speak for itself, without unnecessary hardware and extra add-ons. She loves designing bags and no matter how many times she go through the process, Shana still gets excited when she sees one of her sketches actually come to life.

[/one_half][one_half]Keeping manufacturing local is something Shana has always sought out to do and it only ensures impeccable quality on all of her designs. She spends time with the manufacturer during the production process, seeing first hand the craftsmanship that goes into each step. From time to time she documents the production with behind the scenes videos and photos because Shana believes you should know where your bag comes from.

The majority of materials in her brand are sourced from US based vendors. To see more of the process, be sure to watch my videos below.[/one_half]